UI/UX App Design: Sync // 2019
Pop Art Postcard
Rebranding Sell Sheet
Product Images, studio shoot/editing
Brochure Branding Update
Key Hole Raised Bed Plans // 2019
Dynamic Diamond Tooling 3ds Max Animation
HowTo Videos for Modular Prosthetics Component System
Dynamic Diamond Tooling Product Photography, Branding
Water Bottle Design
Sketches from 2002
Digital Portraits
Block Print of a Cat Wearing a Top Hat and Bow-Tie
Skull Still Life
Fairy Water Dragon Gouache Painting
Billie Holiday on Scratchboard
"My Winning Moment" Campaign for Össur
Wedding Photography Website
Orlando Holiday Party Invites
Winter Wonderland Party Invite
Jennie and Russ's Wedding
Angela and Kurt's Engagement
Wesley and Chris's Wedding
Jenny and Chris's Wedding
Miho and Chris's Wedding
Stacie and Jake's Wedding
Christina and Jessica's Wedding
Russ & Jennie's Engagement
Jen and Sal's Wedding
Luz & Matt's Engagement
Lindsey & Leon's Wedding
Kristie & Jeremy's Engagement
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